CGST bill was introduced in Lok Sabha on 23rd March 2017 which received president assent on 12th April 2017. CGST Bill was cleared by GST Council on 4th March 2017.

The law regarding GST is developing and the Government has been continuously making changes not only in the tax rates but also on many other aspects. Fortunately, unlike other legal changes, Government has done enormous work in presenting the information about the Act and day to day developments through its own websites. We have tried to capture a large part of the provisions through various links to the relevant websites of the GST management. Government has also  been very receptive to suggestions and fine tuning the laws as and when necessary.

While some suggestions related to E Commerce may be provided in the articles elsewhere on this site, the focus would be to provide links to appropriate information available in the Government websites.

Complete information about the Act can be accessed here:

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Clause by Clause details of the Central GST Act is available here: